Kenya’s former presidential aspirant reveals assassination plans by government’s top official

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Kenya’s former presidential aspirant and popular business woman has revealed plans by a top Kenyan Member of Parliament to have her assassinated.

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Kenya’s former presidential aspirant and popular business woman has revealed plans by a top Kenyan Member of Parliament to have her assassinated.

According to her Facebook post shared Sunday afternoon, the recently silent lady has revealed chilling information that she claims involves Al Shabaab.

She has further revealed that the Deputy President William Ruto is also aware of the assassination plan and has even warned her through his PA MR . Farouk.

She claims that the reason behind the plan is to prevent her as a revolutionist from being on the ballot paper in the upcoming elections.

She further reveals that the media has been gagged against giving her airtime to speak about this plan, making it hard for her to speak to her supporters.

Below is her long post from her Facebook page:

My assassination. Salaams. Your opposition leader and commander of the peoples revolution is back, my people.

Two weeks has seen me through hell and back and received undisputable evidence of an apparent redeployed master plan of my assassination through Al Shabaab, by two warlords Aden Duale Aden Duale Aden Duale Aden Duale who has hired Al Shabaab with strict instructions to assassinate me. Yep the same one of the mad love. Let him tell Kenyan’s why. He knows. And that’s not all, his boss, deputy president William Samoei Ruto has also warned of my imminent killing through his PA #FarukKibet. That I am giving him sleepless nights being unrelenting on my war against corruption and his most ferocious exposer. Aggressive plan to stop me approaching the ballot box.

A large section of the media has been compromised to black me out as they execute my assassination and the least airtime I am given to exposé them and corruption, the better it works for them.

Senior most respected witnesses are ready to record their statements but want protection first. And I have no faith in Kenya’s security apparatus. They are part and parcel of my intense persecution. If #MeshackYebei can be killed so can my witnesses.

Also a government ploy to muzzle, stiffle and kill the head of the revolution.

Our despotic warlords decided to bed with FB to silence, isolate and assassinate me in a devilish blackmail, witch hunt, malice & repression, which in turn got me to exchange fiercely and ferociously with fb officials from HQ on email’s, who have had a second thought, back flipped and reinstated my account. I have given them my notice of intention to report and sue though.

More frightening exposé about the discovery of plans to assassinate me by deploying Al Shabaab militia, hard hitting facts and emails to and from FB later in ANOTHER post.

I am ready to die the death of a martyr. AllahuAckbar!! I’d be honored to die so.

My message to enemies of the people, my stalkers – elected despots and war criminals:-

The blood of warrior’s and freedom fighters flows through my veins. I am a freedom fighter, the peoples unrelenting champion. Mimi ni moto wakuotewa kwa mbali. Bring it on.

Let’s take this global. I will exposé you to the very edge of the universe mpaka black hole. Enough is enough. YOU brace YOURselves.

I stand by GOD, THE TRUTH & THE PEOPLE. Allah be witness!! ”


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