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From the ongoing irresponsible management of public resources, one can only appreciate that Kenya has the most unfortunate clueless leadership ever.

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Why all the repugnant efforts to deny the ravaging hunger and its toll on the 9 Kenyans reported dead?
From the ongoing irresponsible management of public resources, one can only appreciate that Kenya has the most unfortunate clueless leadership ever. One that can only qualify as specimen for a confirmatory research for poor, pathetic and underwhelming leadership the country has ever witnessed since independence in 1963.
How can people who voted for you die of avoidable causes and you blatantly deny as you plunder public resources in endless scandals? There is no need denying the obvious. Let us help those in danger.
It’s very very unfortunate how we came up with such a corrupt cohort of leadership. Where did these crop of leaders get the gas and the audacity to ask for a hand in the leadership of this country?
Were Kenyans duped or cheated? Oh, how sad, Kenya fell in an intricate web of scammers!
It is like everyone in the Public Service became a thief and scammer of public resources the moment they got into leadership. Everyone ran riot on every public resource in his way or custody, they plan and execute mega thefts through inflated budgetary proposals in infrastructure projects.
THESE ARE SWORN THIEVES! they steal all development funds, having developed policies which have enabled them to loot from the pockets of all employees and tax payers through unworkable insurance covers, funny projects; OOH WHAT A LEADERSHIP!
Look at how billions have been siphoned out easily in mega scandals of over-inflated public projects – “cash cows” for money sucking bottomless politicians? The stolen loot can now be sanitized through donations to churches. They only enhance a demonic agenda to make Kenyans most vulnerable to gullibility and continued exploitation.
This stolen money is misused in clubs by their sons and daughters as they get engrossed in highly expensive booze.
WHISKEYTurkana2Look at this, the son of a politician orders rounds of 750 ml Glenfarclass Whiskey 105, each at a cost of  2.2 million Kenya shillings while the daughter of nomad in Turkana voter can only afford to line up for a gulp of muddy water…..!
Friends, look at the kind of life these families are going through while billions to be used to put up mitigation structures are finding their route indirectly in the lavatories and toilets of posh clubs and pubs in the most ambient clouds of the universe..


Listen, it’s like the mattress can’t hold anymore, the safes can’t accommodate more billions for lack of space, the oversees offshore accounts have vetoed and investment has been on a break for fear of accountability and inconsistent wealth declaration therefore the extras has to be spoiled as the other end scorch, starve and die..
Woe unto Kenyans!
It is time Kenyans demanded their country from the stranglehold of this extreme wickedness…Kenyans wake up, there is the head of evil in this country ready to swallow our God given country!


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