Campaigns for 2022 Busia County Gubernatorial seat are oblivious of the tribal voting patterns

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The major disadvantage, that we cant overlook for all these potential candidates is the fact that they hail from the larger Luhya community of Busia County.

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I have been taking stock of the political developments in Busia for sometime now. From the reports we receive weekly about interest in 2022 Busia county gubernatorial seat, one is compelled to believe that those declaring their potential candidature are either presumptive, pretentious, or behaving oblivious to the stark realities of tribal voting in Busia.
With the determination of such candidates as Nambale MP Hon. Sakwa Bunyasi, Busia County Women rep Hon. Florence Mutua, Chair of privatization Board Hon. Dr Paul Otuoma, deputy governor Mr. Moses Mulomi and the most mentioned Agricultural Finance Corporation Managing Director Mr. Lucas Meso, the Busia County 2020 gubernatorial race would have been the hottest contest ever in the region, had it not been for the fact that the Teso community only votes for it own.
These men and woman are theoretically qualified and have all it takes to govern Busia County, if their activity in the public eye is anything to go by. They have enviable credentials, undoubtedly large community and social media following, and wonderful track records, more so the present AFC Managing Director Lucas Meso & Nambale MP Hon John Sakwa Bunyasi of local development is anything to go by.
However, I strongly feel like the Busia County Deputy Governor Mr. Moses Mulomi and the county’s women representative Hon Florence Mutua are overly campaigning in what they claim to be launching county development projects; yet too soon.
The major disadvantage, that we cant overlook for all these potential candidates is the fact that they hail from the larger Luhya community of Busia County.  This, in my opinion, makes it easy for any Teso Candidate who stood today to walk over them with ease if the elctions were held today.
Some of the supporters of these actively campaigning candidates could be oblivious to reality but, there’s is a lot to learn from how our Teso relatives behaved in the last elections of 2017.
Having been a keen follower of the campaign schemes in 2017, I noted a strong element  of tribal emotions, cohesion and hostile disapproval of any who appeared to oppose perceived tribe’s gubernatorial candidate in the last 2 weeks to voting in all elective seats: The slang was that you either support our own or you are vehemently rejected.
This shows the difficulty task the Luhya candidates will face in getting votes in Teso land, even if they will have running mates of Teso extraction.
My unsolicited advice to the able luhya aspirants, unite around, support one of you or you forever count the gubernatorial seat a mirage come 2022.


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