Fresh registration for all driving schools in Kenya

The Kenyan Government has put in place plans to withdraw operating licenses for all driving schools. This will enable fresh registration only for those that will meet the minimum requirements set by NTSA.

Weed out rogue operators

According to the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), the objective of such a drastic move is to weed out existing rogue driving school operators. The authority has summoned all driving schools for a meeting this Wednesday to define a workable way forward in this.

Interior CS Matiangi

The meeting is expected to be chaired by the Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i . Matiang’i is expected to make known the process of de-registering all driving school for fresh re-evaluation. It is expected that an inter-agency task-team will be established to guide the process of fresh registration.

Court ruling

Last year, the driving schools moved to court to challenged a proposal for the new driver training and testing curriculum. The High court ruled in favor of the driving schools. The new over by NTSA to de-register all driving schools is seen as a possible reaction to the High Court’s ruling late last year.

With the driving schools de-registration plan in high gear, it is expected that only those institutions that meet the minimum requirements set will be registered afresh.

“We have to be firm on driving schools. Our proposal is to de-register all of them, and have them register afresh, so that we know who is qualified to run a driving school,” an NTSA official noted.

The meeting with all driving schools and stakeholders will provide an avenue for dissemination of the new rules. In the meeting, the de-registration process will also be explained as well as the new conditions for acquisition of a driving license.

New minimum requirements

The new rules will include medical check up as a requirement for anyone to get a new driving license. For a driving school to qualify, it will be required to have at least 1.7 acres to develop proper training facilities. In addition, the driving school will also need to have a model highway, an ICT center and a certified management structure.

Road worthiness

Mr Matiang’i has told NTSA to be firm in implementing its mandate. “Our statistics on road accidents does not reflect the number of roadworthy vehicles currently registered in our systems. These discrepancies imply that there could be many un-roadworthy vehicles operating after passing our inspection tests irregularly.” said the interior CS.


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