Fire breaks out at Barclays Bank branch on Easter Monday

A fire broke out at Barclays bank branch on Easter Monday afternoon. The fierceness of the fire forced workers from adjacent buildings in the area to evacuate for safety.

Bank server room

According to Murang’a DCI Mr. Julius Rutere, investigations revealed that the fire began in the server room of the bank. This, in his remarks, happened between 1 and 2pm. The fire, however, was contained by responsive fire fighters before it could spread to other buildings.

No foul play yet

Mr Rutere refuted any claims of foul play on the cause of the fire. He mentioned that the source of the fire is yet to be determined.

“We are not suspecting any foul play, initial assessment points at an electric fault being the main source of the fire but that is subject to confirmation. We will call the fire people to confirm the same,” said Mr. Rutere.

Pungent smell

A section of the witness reported smelling a pungent gas before they could realize that the Barclays Bank was on fire. An employee at a firm located next to the Barclays Branch revealed that she saw huge smoke coming out of the building, adding that she fled for her safety.

“I was in the office when I noticed a foul smell and after it persisted, I switched off the electricity and came out of the office, I later saw that the smoke was coming from the bank,” she revealed

No causalities yet

No casualties have been reported so far from the incident. Mostly because the fore broke out on Easter Monday, which was a holiday and no one may have been at the Bank.


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