Why teaching is the most frustrating career in Kenya

While meditating upon the profession called teaching l got this realization to write home.
It is not absolute truth but worthy considering. I refused to consider remuneration aspect of teaching but addressed myself to teachings’ incapacitating and degenerating effects on the humanity of teachers.
A human being is the most unique creation as presently known. Man’s uniqueness is due to having highly developed brain with highest capacity for expansion & accommodation. The human brain’s Neocortical and Limbic capacity is the main differentiating nature of humans from other organisms. The brain depicts the mind’s vast expansive limitless plasticity, depth of intellectualism, emotional expression, innovation and creativity which can get frustrated by repetition. It requires continuing exposure to more demanding, taxing, bewildering & stimulating encounters/experiences. Teaching to teachers is one of the most frustrating experience. Why?
The hallmark of teaching is gesticulation of same things repetitively for years to the extend that it completely frustrates the essentials of human growth: epigenetic stimulation of the genome (expression of genes due to expanding exposure & awareness of life), neuroplasticity (increasing sculpting of neural pathways in the brain for higher accommodation of information).
Ideally, full attainment of the four ultimate goals of life gets hampered:
    1. Intellectual acquisition & material success (where one is able to care for & supply for his needs & his wider relationships with ease without being dependent on anyone or lending institutions)
    1. Practical voluntary, sacrificial love, service & expansion of healthy fulfilling relationships, 
    1.  Expression of deeper realization of our own presence inherent in the Ultimate Source-God,.
  1. Enlightenment where one’s awareness consciously lives in Christ/God Consciousness as the absolute essence of being….where God is impossible to avoid or escape.
These are impossible in teaching where the teacher is a modern day slave/prisoner of his job, a mechanistic captive of programs!
A part from repetitive knowledge, a teacher is denied and decapitated of opportunity and time to engage in creative challenges and personal adventures by tight demands of the curriculum & its implementation schedules. All their days plus weekends are managed by repetitive activities: teaching programs (preparation classroom appearance, correcting learners’ work, examining), Co-curricular programs, national examinations’ marking etc.
Interestingly, teachers don’t express beyond the first goal of life: live beholden to loaning institutions. They are denied chance and time to manage their meager incomes, ceding it over to cooperative societies managed by finance experts who exploit them with hefty salaries and who end up stealing their savings!
Anyone who wants personal growth, self empowerment & satisfaction in her or his pursuits gets unknowingly compromised in the repetition of curriculum’s daily rituals year in/out.
In short, the regular repetition of Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development’s prescribed information, far below the exposure one had during training undermines the latent human potential, desire & intent of self actualization, voluntary contribution to society and realization of humanity’s highest goals of being.
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