Prof. Magoha explains why you don’t need to got to university

The news Education CS Prof. Magoha, has on many occasions discussed the relevance of university education. In addition to his continued streamlining of the Education sector, the good professor notes that not all career choices require university degree.

Valuable courses

During his speech at the launch of the New Curriculum Training Program for teachers in Nairobi, Prof. Magoha revealed that the need to go to university may not be necessary. this even as the education sector is evaluating their options to ensure valuable courses are offered.

“The craze of going to university has to stop. You don’t need to go to university to be a very good messenger. You don’t need to go to University to be a good carpenter. We have reached a stage where if we don’t stop and think we are churning degrees which are valueless,” Magoha reiterated.

Best curriculum

The professor further mentioned that the competency-based curriculum is the best thing for the Kenya now. this is because it will allow students to pursue diverse career pathways.

“For those who are not aware, this curriculum will focus less on content and more on the acquisition of competencies that can help you do something for yourself,” he said.

Smooth kick-off

George Magoha further confirmed that the training targeting 90,00 teachers countrywide has kick off smoothly. “When I decide to do something, I shall do it with all the energy that I have if I believe it is the right thing to do. Let us stop wasting time and concentrate on the goal; the goal is CBC.

“We want to assure our parents that we are going to Standard 4 by September and by the end of the year, we shall have reached level 9,” he stated.

Earleir in March, Magoha revelaed that 100 new courses offered in Universities were irrelevant to the economy and had received zero applications from the potential students.

Terming it a worrying trend, Magoha stated, “Is it that we have forgotten that we are scholars and we have just become traders.”

See the video bellow foe more of what Magoha said:

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