This is how elected leaders are riding on the ignorance of Kenyans today

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The kind of ignorance our political inclinations thrive on in this country flabbergasts me, given that Kenyans are averagely well schooled.

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By Fred Mugenya
The other day I lambasted someone who was praising a Member of Parliament of his area for buying them a school bus. I thought he was clouded in an ignorance-driven sycophancy. The kind of ignorance our political inclinations thrive on in this country flabbergasts me, given that Kenyans are averagely well schooled.
I think it is time we need to understand the roles of our elected  leaders such as MPs & MCAs vis-a-vis the Presidency and Gubernatorial positions.
The Presidency’s overall responsibility is to control management and distribution of state functions and resources through policy directions based on the constitution and ope-rationalizing legislation by Parliaments.
The presidency in discharging its state responsibility has overall effect on all arms of government,  that is the Judiciary, the Legislature and the Executive.
The executive is directly acquired and supervised by the presidency. The President gets blamed for any shortcomings in the nation for apparent supervisory failure.
The governors are elected to manage and implement certain constitutionally devolved functions in their county levels. They therefore have to recruit a team of qualified staff in this course. Governors are basically county CEOs entrusted with the County business to ensure sustainable development and improvement of livelihoods of their counties’ residents.
The elected Members of Parliament and Members of County Assemblies have a role in Policy making; debating and developing legislation that help the national and county government implement their functions effectively.
In the process of legislation the MPs & MCAs represent the interest of their people, hence representation plan in the design of constituencies and wards respectively.
The greatest mistake the elected people’s representatives do is to neglect their roles in oversight of the performance of the technocrats and implementers of the policies set across their areas of jurisdiction.
As since Kenyans are easily gullible, the elected representatives instead choose to own the glory of the work expected to be done by the national or county governments.
A common instance; the MPs are meant to oversight Constituency Development Fund’s performance in their constituencies and not to be the patrons, planners and implementation officers of fund’s activities, dishing out bursary cheques, school bus keys, etc as is commonly seen.
That is simply seeking cheap political mileage where it shouldn’t be sort from.  The CDF money is from the National Government, & Fund’s staff are paid accordingly. The MP, therefore, has zero role in the planning of NG-CDF except in it’s oversight.
I just thought you should know, so that you don’t appear gullible praising your MPs  for CDF funded projects.
You should only praise them for good representation and legislation that ensures good development policies and proper oversight such that there is value for money free of theft and graft.
You are welcome!


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