Samburu County Governor released on bond

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Samburu County Governor Lenolkulal Kasaine released on bond

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Samburu Governor HE Moses Lenolkulal Kasaine was arrested in Tuesday Morning at his residence in Nairobi following what EACC called a conclusion of corruption investigations that have been ongoing for weeks.

The Governor, after being arraigned in court later in the day, has been released. If the information by the Director of Public Prosecution is anything to go by, governor Lenolkula Kasaine was released on a 150 Million Kenya shillings Bond, with a surety of the same amount, or a cash bail of 100 million shillings.

The Samburu County Governor was arrested after the DPP, Mr. Noordin Haji ordered for his prosecution. The DPP also ordered the  prosecution of 11 other current and former chief officers and the Samburu County deputy governor over a fuel scam amounting to 84 million Kenya shillings.

The DPP confirmed the arrests saying that investigations pinned the Samburu County Governor to scheme in which Oryx Service Station, purportedly owned by the Governor and an accomplice was trading with the county government for fuel supply since early 2013.

The DPP further recommended that the governor and his accomplices be prosecuted and charged with abuse of office,  conflict of interest and a conspiracy to commit what he referred to as economic crimes.


Here is the full list of the Samburu County officials charged on corruption related cases

1. Moses Kasaine Lenolkulal – Governor Samburu County

2. Julius Leseeto – Deputy Governor, Samburu County

3. Stephen Letinina – County secretary

4. Daniel Lenolkirina – Chief Officer, Finance

5. Josephine Lenasalia – Former Chief Officer, Environment and Natural Resources

6. Reuben Lemunyete – Chief Officer Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Development.

7. Linus Lenolngenye – Former Chief Officer, Education

8. Paul Lolmingani – Chief Transport and Public Works

9. Benard Lesurmat – Chief Officer Lands, Housing and Urban Development

10. Lilian Baluga – Former Chief Officer Gender, Culture and Social Services

11. Andrew Lanyasunya – Chief Officer Gender, Culture and Social Services

12. David Loosenge – Chief Officer, Sports, and Youth Affairs

13. Geoffrey Kitewan – Head Supply Chain Management

14. Hesbon Ndathi – Businessman.

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