William Ruto interview was not worth the airtime

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William Ruto ain’t the right person to front on a public audience when you want to account for resources utilized on a project.

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On the evening of Tuesday 9th April a local TV station spend several hours of their airtime interviewing Kenya’s deputy President William Ruto on matter politics, graft and development, with thousands of Kenyan viewers glued to their screen to listen to what the Deputy President had to share.

However, to the general disappointment of many, as is always expected of him, the Deputy President DP William Ruto decided to utilize his tome on air to discredit the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s political journey, in an attempt to showcase how he (William Ruto) is more powerful and did not need Raila to get where he is now.T

The Handshake

On matters handshake, Ruto has always been silently against the coming together of the Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga. It was pretentious of William Ruto to bluff to Kenyans how the handshake is beneficial for national unity while bashing off and discrediting Hon. Raila Odinga, a key stakeholder in the handshake deal. This clearly shows his true position and hypocritical nature.

On Development

On development, the interview was very keen and asked relevant wuestions on the progress and current status of development project in the country. To utter disappointment of the listeners ans viewers, the deputy president spend the entire time discussing the Jubilee manifesto, avoiding to account for previously spent resources on non existent projects.

Someone need to remind Ruto that this is not a time to campaign. Using Jubilee manifesto promises two years into their second term and 6 years since the jubilee government took power is merely taking Kenyans for a ride.

The deputy president couldn’t explain the status of Galana Kulalu irrigation project, nor attempt to even account for the billions already spent in the white elephant project. He instead, thought it wise to continue duping Kenyans on how the project scope will be increased for better results when even what he referred to as a pilot project flopped completely.

Though well spoken, with a light tongue to convince the people on just anything, it was evident from the interview that William Ruto ain’t the right person to front on a public audience when you want to account for resources utilized on a project. He will spent three quarters of the time justifying nonperformance and the remaining time discrediting his political opponents in a campaign mode.


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