Kenya’s fight against corruption is as good as lost.

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A serious President wouldn’t speak as a helpless pawn of some agencies when it comes to taking action on the suspects of graft.

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From State of the Nation Confession by President Uhuru Kenyatta on the lethargic fight against graft, one gets the impression that Kenyans are being cheated and corruption cartels have fought back and compromised leadership’s resolve on the fight.
The speech itself was a clear demonstration of doublespeak, indecisiveness and lack of intention to win the war on corruption, but instead keep Kenyans entertained by the satire. I refuse to be hoodwinked!
A serious President wouldn’t speak as a helpless pawn of some agencies when it comes to taking action on the suspects of graft. I expected that he would have sent the most dangerous confusion in the corrupt officials mind yesterday and given a greater impetus on anti corruption agencies’ drive.
It cannot be that, unless someone is charged in Court, the president cannot act. He should be able to have act on the suspects based on NIS intelligence reports on their integrity and accountability, for they hold those at his pleasure.
By hiding under matters criminal responsibility of the suspects, President Kenyatta sent a message that he is massaging corruption. His refusal to act on the questioned Cabinet Secretaries shows that he has either been compromised or is escaping his national obligations of ridding this country off corruption.
The President’s passing of the buck to ODPP, the DCI, the EACC & the JUDICIARY was to rope them in, setting them up for blame and compromising manipulations. Making the easily compromisable pawns of the State the ultimate determinants of the course of corruption in this country is the surest way to lose the fight.
In the Kenyan social environment the metabolites are that everyone is a potential thief and corruptible safe for the circumstances. The investigative and prosecutorial agencies are composed of such Kenyans who are under pressure to be compromised and they will either be compromised or be removed. T
hey will be compromised by ferocious shrewd corruption cartels who will mudsling them, remote control them and lure them in every possible way against fighting corruption, the exact job they are expected to do.
By letting the determination of who gets the axe solely lie with the anti-corruption agencies, the fight is as good as lost, because it is going to be incumbent upon them as they will be subjected to all forms of mechanisms of compromise including lots of huge temptation, remote controlling, intimidation from the untouchables and those in who boast of being in power!
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