The Power of Focus

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What will get you above challenges not to sink in the deep ocean of frustrations of life is mastering the art of focus.

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By Allan Lawrence

What you focus on, you energize it more to work for or against you. What will get you above challenges not to sink in the deep ocean of frustrations of life is mastering the art of focus.

There is a Swahili proverb that says says “kelele za chura hazimuzui ng’ombe kunywa maji” this is  to say that noises of frogs doesn’t hinder the cow from drinking water.

Whatever you may be going through only becomes a problem or a challenge when you pay attention to it. Your focus will always inform your priorities, which in turn will determine your daily experiences through life.

Here are some of my insights on how to control your focus.

Right priorities

Have the right priorities in life so that don’t go through life with misplaced priorities. People with misplaced priorities in life will always flow with the current as compared to those with the right priorities, of whom every stage and action matters the most. It is only for those who have a focus on what is ahead of them that actually achieve it.

Bigger picture

Always have a positive and bigger picture in mind when you start on any venture. This in itself is enough motivation to keep your eyes on achieving that which you desire. I am a firm believer that if you believe in it, you can see it and if you can see it you can achieve; it’s all in the power of focus.

Daily achievements

Work on your regular schedule and daily routine; greatness comes from the regular successes and daily achievements. Do not let anyone cheat you that those small achievements do not matter, they are part of the process and therefore do matter. How you spend your time and manage your daily errands tells exactly of where your focus is.

Right company

Have the right people around you. Having people who do not have anything to focus on will not build your power to you focus. You must be very intentional about who you associate with. Your association subconsciously brings assimilation that could be either positive or negative. This is consequently exhibited in your daily  activities. Not everyone has the capacity to advise you on your endeavors; be careful whose words you pick as this determines how you manage your ventures. Always evaluate your association in relation to what your life is focused on and your greater vision.

Right Knowledge

Acquire the right knowledge it will make you powerful in the area of your focus. You must have the knowledge that you will help you pursue that which you desire and keep you on the right path. Information on your direction is more important than the actual direction.

Check on your FOCUS to be sure of your desired DESTINY.

Your Greatness Coach Bro,

Facebook: Allan Lawrence


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