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Be ready to make wise decision because right decisions make a great destiny. From this moment you must be intentional in your pursuit and whatever you speak.

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By Allan Lawrence

The good thing about human beings that makes them peculiar than other animals and creation is the ability of their mouth that has the creative power, By the words of their mouth they can create anything they wish to experience. Wish you greatly realize that power within you. In this article will share a few but great insights to help you create and experience your dream life

The enemy without will never have any effect if the enemy within is well termed, the greatest enemy of progress is self you must be ready to train yourself so hard that you are not the hindrance of your own success and greatness. Many people today they have not introduced and exposed themselves to their potential because of fear of the unknown today you reading this you need to take a bold step to standout above any fear to maximize on your potential. Fear is False illusion Appearing Real so you need not to fear it is a high chance to be courageous enough and ask yourself what will happen if you drop the fear to maximize your potential.

Surround yourself with people who think with you differently, that is to say have only quality people around you not mediocre people who are always clapping and laughing at your joke only to lead you to your morgue, To live a life full of your potential you ought to have people who will tell you the way it is with genuine love they will tell you what you need to hear not what you want to, learn the difference. Since you emulate unknowingly or knowingly the character and mindset of people close to you be careful on your environment as it has a major impact on your course of actions.

Never wait for the “right time” you just venture into it and everything will fall in place as the universe will always pave way for a man who knows what he wants in life. There is nothing like ether perfect time under the sun you are the one to have the consciousness of the right environment. In other words stop postponing the manifestation of your greatness in the name of waiting for the right conditions you just soar! And the right “environment” will gravitate towards you.

Release your pride and be ready to start where you are to reach where you want to be. You need to humiliate yourself and your ego to start on anything that will get you to the top, you need not to be great to start but instead you need to start so as to be great, therefore you have to develop and train yourself to start on anything you want. Your attitude this particular moment is what is key why? Because if you only want to start at the top go shower or go dig a grave! Read in between the lines.

You must have the right mindset train yourself to always see and think positively so as to have and experience the true lifestyle you have been dreaming of. The difference between where you want to be and now us only in the attitude you keep, be ready to speak positively to attract positive results into your life, you will agree with me that our mind has the greatest impact on what we speak over our lives.

As you read through this let me shock you! It, the greatest prophet on earth is still living just stop a minute and look in the mirror so speak positively over self

No matter how hard life might seem to be don’t dwell on the past or this moment it has got nothing to do about your tomorrow but the positive lessons of yesterday let them  inspire your actions now that in turn will positively impact your tomorrow and it will happen based on what you speak now.

Be ready to make wise decision because right decisions make a great destiny. From this moment you must be intentional in your pursuit and whatever you speak. This is an activation moment that you start where you’re to reach where you want to be doing wait for people’s validation because you will only die at their mercies. Be your own motivation and inspiration; just take control of your life and destiny because no one can but you.Speak yourself into it

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