Where Kenyans pay up to Ksh 300 per liter of fuel

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The shortage has bee experienced for close to a week now and the prices keep going up

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The reports of fuel shortage in Kenya have escalated in some parts of the country. Acute shortage of the commodity has seen some Kenyans resorting to pay up to 300 ksh just for a liter of petrol.

The following ares of Lamu County have been hit the hardest; Mokowe and Hindi, where residents pay anything between 200 to 300 Kenya shillings just for s single lite of petrol.

Boda Boda Operators

Boda Boda operators in the region have not been spared the agony. Through the Lamu Mainland Bodaboda operators association, the operators have expressed worry over the situation. They can no longer keep up with the economic situation and the skyrocketing fuel prices.

Stations Closed down

Many petrol stations have reportedly been closed down in the region for lack of fuel. Petrol dealers in the region are now laming suppliers for the increased shortage. They claim the fuel suppliers no longer supply the commodity, resulting in the dealers to acquire the fuel at high prices and sell at even higher prices.

A boda boda rider (right) buys petrol from a dealer at Mokowe Jetty in Lamu.

The shortage has bee experienced for close to a week now and the prices keep going up. Th real cause for fuel shortage in the area hasn’t been established yet. Residents are overly worried of the implications his is having to the transport sector. They are concerned that if it continues, the shortage may paralyses the transportation across Lamu county, and the region at larges.

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