Busia man sells property, move to island to escape Huduma Namba

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Man and his followers who have already sold their property are set to move to an island in the Yala Swamp region to escape huduma namba.

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A Pastor in Busia and some of his followers have sold all their property and belongings. they say they are fleeing Kenya in order to escape registering for the popular Huduma Namba

Preacher at SDA

As reported by NTV, The man called Peter Lugekhe is a preacher with the Reformed SDA Church. The preacher has termed the Huduma Nmaba exercise as a satanic one.

Ready to face consequences

Peter, the known preacher from a village in Budalangi Constituency of Busia County was quoted indicating that he was ready to face the consequences of his actions rather than go contrary to his faith. “Even if you take me to President Uhuru Kenyatta, I will tell him the same. I am not enrolling on Huduma Namba,” the man said.

Followers ready to leave for hididng

In a sign of solidarity with their preacher, a section of his followers from the church have also have sold their property. They say they are now ready to go into hiding to escape the registration of Huduma number.

Move to island

Peter Lugekhe and his followers who have already sold their property are set to move to an island in the Yala Swamp region.

The pastor’s actions got many residents by surprise. Many blamed the government for not properly educating the masses on the exercise and lacking public participation from the start of the process.

One of the residents observed that Chief Justice David Maraga was a faithful of the SDA church but had not sold off his property like the preacher.

Rubbished claims

The Foreign Affairs CAS Ababu Namwamba weighed in on the case. He rubbished the satanic claims by the preacher indicating that the government was only trying to streamline service delivery to the citizens.

Despite President Uhuru’s assurance that Huduma Namba has nothing to do with the biblical mark of the beast, a few Kenyans have remained skeptical that it could be related to 666.


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