Veteran comedian dies performing on stage

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It took the audience over five minutes to realize something was wrong.

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Comedian dies on stage. The world has been treated to yet another rare occurrence where a comedian dies on stage during his performance. This comes just few years after a popular Congolese musician Papa Wemba collapsed and died while performing on stage.

The veteran 60-year-old world known comedian died during his own performance in such a bizarre manner that it took the audience over five minutes to realize something was wrong.

Cheering on

As he continued with his comic performance, Ian Cognito sat on a stool on the stage, breathing heavily. He ten fell off and went silent for about five minutes. The whole crowd at the Bicester’s Atic bar venue took it as one of the jokes he made. They went on laughing and cheering, until five minutes later when they realized something could be wrong.

Not feeling well

A business man who runs the Wolf Comedy Club event at the same venue confirmed that the comedian had not been feeling well. He (the comedian) however, insisted on going to the stage in his condition.

Joked about own death

One bizarre thing is that Ian, the comedian even joked about his own health during the performance. He went like; ‘Imagine if I died in front of you all here’ and the crowd simply cheered on.

When he fell on the ground, everyone thought he was joking. It was his friend Mr bird who first went on stage to check on him, five minutes after he collapsed.

”Even when I went on stage and touche his hand, I  expected him to say ‘boo’. ” said Mr Bird. Unfortunately the veteran comic did not respond. This prompted two off-duty  nurses and a pilce officer to respond. They began chest compressions as an ambulance was called in. 

The  South Central Ambulance Service then confirmed that the comedian had already passed on at the scene. He reportedly has even joked of a stroke, ten minutes before he actually collapsed.


Ina Cognito, whose real name is Paul Barbieri, was born in London in 1958, and started comic performance in the mid 1980s. His fellow comedians paid tribute to the 60- year old, terming him as a ‘proper comic’ who supported upcoming acts.

Fellow comedians have paid tribute, describing him as a “proper comic” and praising his support for up-and-coming acts.


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