African Union responds to the status of Al bashir in Sudan

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The African Union Statement on Situation in Sudan

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The African Union secretariat and the AU commission on the situation in Sudan has this Thursday given their statement on the current developments in Khartoum. Moussa Faki Mahamat, the chairperson of the African Union commission informed the world that they are closely monitoring the developments in the country.

The transition government

He revealed AU’s keen interest in the announcement made by the Sudan’s Minister of Defence and the country’s First Vice President, Lt General Awad Ibn Auf on the next steps after Al Bashir’s ouster.

The General announced that the country’s constitution had been suspended and the National Assembly dissolved. He further confirmed the formation of a transitional government led by the military that is excepted to rule for two years.

Following the arrest of Omar Al Bashir, the three month state of emergency in the country has also been cancelled.

Military take -over unconstitutional

Quoting the 2000 Lomé Declaration on the unconstitutional change of
Government and the African Charter on Democracy, Elections, and Governance, the AU chair on the situation expressed the Union’s conviction  that takeover by military sin’t the most appropriate response to Sudan’s challenges.

The Chairperson expresses the African Union conviction that the military takeover is not
the appropriate response to the challenges facing Sudan and the aspirations of its people.

In this regard, the union is to convene a meeting by the Peace and Security Council to advice and the most appropriate measure regarding Sudan.

Respect for citizens’ rights

In the meantime, the AU through the Chairperson of the commission calls on all concerned parties to exercise restraint and respect the rights of every citizen, foreigners and property in the country.

He further appeals for inclusive dialogues by all key players in the situation to ensure good governance, democracy and constitutional order is restored soonest possible.

Through the commission, the AU has affirmed their solidarity with the Sudanese people and pledged commitment to support the country throughout this period.

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