‘ Idle Pests’ Ababu Namwamba responds to bloggers

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‘Idle Pests’ Ababu Namwamba responds to bloggers on his marriage

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The foreign affairs CAS Hon Ababu Namwamba has given a personal response to bloggers regarding the status of his marriage.

Few days ago, a local blogger’s site wrote an article on Ababu and his ”new wife”, Ann Paula.  The article cited a possible break-up between the two, claiming that the CAS has left a pregnant Puala for yet another woman, named Luciana.

According to the blog, Hon Ababu has been managing both ladies with Luciana living in his rural home while Paula staying in his Nairobi residence.

Luciana, the lady claimed to be living at Ababu’s rural home

The blog went further to claim that Ababu has denied fathering Paula’s child and abandoned her like he did to his former wife, Prisca.

‘Idle pests’

In response to the allegations, Hon Ababu Namwamba has taken to social media to rubbish the allegations; citing the blog writers as ‘idle pests”.

In his post Monday morning, the CAS says he is contented, doesn’t abandon anyone he is responsible for and takes his responsibility seriously.

This cyber jungle is infested with some idle pests wallowing in the miasma of miserable bile who really need to get a life.

Am happy and contented and I take all my responsibilities veeeery seriously.

I never abandon anyone I bear responsibility for.”

Ababu Namwamba’s response
Ababu Namwamba and Busia County’s Paula at a past event

Paula responds

Miss Tourism Busia County, his current wife went ahead to add her thoughts on the matter and share the post to her timeline.

She referred to the writers as idle malicious haters with no idea of what happens in people’s lives.

”The idle malicious haters are not even worth wasting time responding to.

But it’s nice to know they got no idea what really goes on in the lives of the people they are so obsessed with instead of focusing on their own miserable existence!”

Ann Paula’s response

The Story

The story of Paula and Ababu came to the limelight when the two were captured together on foreign trip just after Paula won Miss Tourism Busia County crown. The CAS would later introduce the model as his new wife at a church function in his backyard of Budalangi.


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