Betty, My Bedrock……..Part 1

By Conrad Oronyi

Beatrice was the hottest security guard in campus. Hired by Bedrock security agencies and strategically based at the main gate for obvious reasons. Beatrice Wasiaka had a killer look: an exceedingly gorgeous outer appearance, sparkling eyes, a pigeon chest and a glowing smile that never failed to attract those dry spell starved campus boys. She was a darling to many…From lecturers to her colleagues, the young and the old.

Misused beauty

Beauty is something few understand. Some equate it with arrogance. Beatrice was one person who misused her beauty. She hated to be called Beatrice. ‘Am Betty’, she would remind boys who called her Beatrice. She could sometime arrogantly shout at you when she is not in the moods One thing that I could not proceed without mentioning is the smile she wore when u called her ‘my dear’. Itself can make ‘little Johny’ smile with reprieve. Then there was evening and morning came. Third year

Am now in my final year. A few weeks to my final exam. Racing through hall one (most popular hostel), the Library (where we plagiarised our research concepts), Campus villa (where we used to roast our livers with something worse than a concoction), Lucina Kibandaski AKA Kempiski (where we used to chafua chapo mbili) and finally Kooro( hotbed of crime, that served as our residential palace) and Mary seat of Wisdom chapel( where when thing are tough we could go and talk one on one with the creator: and sure he listened) Given the limited time, we minimised our patrols to the above mentioned.

‘Sirudi Handbags’

Beatrice was later shifted to hall 1 and then the Library.  The gate of hall one used to be a very busy area during the week except on Friday, when theirs faithfully would be loaded with ‘sirudi hostel’ handbags and be seen back in flocks on a Monday morning.

On this fateful Friday, at about 3pm, while rushing to copy paste my assignments in the library with a borrowed laptop, I meet Betty at the Library entrance. ’Utawacha bag yako hapa’ Betty said as she pointed to a place outside the Library. We kept our bags inside the Library. ‘Kwani sheria ilibadilika?’ I ask with so much concern (now that am carrying a borrowed bag too). ‘Hata inasearchiwa kwanza kabla uieke hapa’ said Betty as she signaled me to open it.Let it be remembered that Inside the library we were given tags that identify you with your luggage. Outside nothing close to that.

I remembered how, on the second day in high school, I lost my new Umoja sleepers in Library entrance, just because the school had a stupid policy of leaving shoes outside the library and getting in with smelly filthy feet. The school had an acute shortage of even dirty water. Boys could stay days without a proper shower. I removed my borrowed laptop letting her check the bag.

SURE Condoms

Just as she removed her hand behold; packets of SURE condoms. She gasped. ‘kuna mtu unaende kulima ukitoka?’ She asked. I was still trying to recuperate from the shock of her removing something I had no idea of is in the bag. I shook my head sheepishly. ‘Na mbona umebeba hii?’ she continued assuming my now sweaty guilty look. ‘Ok ntakuwekea hii ukimaliza kusoma utaikamia pale graduation square’ as she returned the packets inside. She said while looking at my trouser zip: which felt wet from the inside…. I disappeared to the library

I ate and ate the books, copied others from (Wikipedia was a NO zone after Prof realized we excellent in copy pasting). While concentrating to finish my work I overheard two men on the other side of the table discuss their…’Ule jamaa anakuaga mtaro’ WTF. It’s what interrupted my concentration of chewing some concept. Out and straight to the graduation square I proceeded to collect my bag

‘Tupace pamoja basi…’

‘Na si umechop?’ She asked. ‘ heheh hapana kuna job nilikua namalizia’ I replied as she handed my bag back. ‘Unaendaje?’ I asked after a little talk. ‘Me hata natoka, nangojea mwenye anakuja kutake shift afike’………’Ukitoka unaendaje?’ I asked  again..’Ntaenda home tu’ …..’Na unaishi wapi?’ I kept asking. ‘Naenda side za Kooro’…….’Kumbe tunakaa mahali moja, wacha tupace pamoja basi’ I sealed the talk..I really don’t know where I gathered all the courage from. The feeble I had suddenly turned into a full Team Mafisi Sec gen.

‘Karibu kwa kitanda…..’

After 30mins we were at the entry going to her place…’Kama si ati mzee wako ataniuwa ningekuja upike chai’ I joked. ‘Hhahahaha Mzee mgani?’…….We jumped inside her neatly arranged room. She placed my shoes inside and returned the door to about 15 degrees. Those kichungi looking curtain blinders ran through the wall brightening the room. My eyes stuck on one poster that read ‘Into my heart I receive thee…… It is while I was trying to read the remaining hidden bit that I heard, ‘Karibu kwa Kitanda sijanunua kiti bado’…my heart jumped. Blood stopped bumping, my breathing fast as I proceeded to take the ‘seat…’


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