Akothee voted second most attractive female celeb


Akothee, whose real name is Esther Akoth is a renown performing artist and business lady. She is one of the very few (if any) most controversial celebrities in Kenya today.

Online poll

Earlier this week, Akothee was voted as the second most attractive female celebrity. In the poll conducted online, the internet voters and readers were asked who they considered the most attractive celebrity in Kenya today.

On the poll list were names of common female celebrities such as Shix Kapienga, Wilbroda, Ms Nandi, Kamene Goro, Yungbeyt, sharon Mundia, Jacque Maribe, Patricia Kihoro, Natalie Tewa among others.

After break-up

Beating Akothee to the first position was Natalie Tewa, the model, with 31% of the votes. Natalie Tewa, who seems to be tasting life on a silver platter after a nasty break up, was considered the most attractive of them all.

Natalie Tewa

This comes just after a recently publicized break up between Natalie and her boyfriend Rnaze, that saw her rise in the rank of celebrities in Kenya. In third position for the most attractive female celeb came Sharon Mundia, with 14% f the votes, beaten with a small margin by Akothee who got 16% in second place. 

Nasty relationships

Interestigly, one common thing that stands out for the top three celebs; Natalie, Akothee and Sharon. The fact that all of them have had a story of a nasty relationship sometime n their lives. This begs the question of whether attractive ladies are just getting too hot for the male species to handle.



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