Siaya teachers to boycott Magoha training program

Teachers in Siaya County have been asked to boycott the ongoing teacher training program by Prof Magoha. On Tuesday April the 23rd, Prof Magoha, the CS Education launched the countrywide training of teacher on the new competency-based curriculum.

KNUT official

In Siaya county however, the KNUT executive Secretary, Mr Alex Dunga has asked teachers not to attend. The KNUT official has asked all teacher in the region to stay at home and boycott the training program.

Not consulted

Mr Dunga argued that the teachers unions and associations in the country were not consulted on the new curriculum processes. In addition, he mentioned that other key education stakeholders like the primary and secondary school heads were also not consulted to share their input in the process.

Major challenges need a priority

The KNUT official wondered why the government was rushing to implement the new curriculum. He noted that the education sector in the country is still grappling with m,any challenges such as shortage f teachers and inadequate learning facilities. He somehow expected that the government would have prioritized dealing with the challenges before launching the new curriculum.

Police statement

The government, through a statement by the National Police service, have vowed to continue with the training undeterred. The statement from the police service stated that they have received information of possible sabotage by some quarters. They said they will not allow any individuals to sabotage government programs such as the teacher training process.


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