Busia County Residents Contribute to the Building Bridges Initiative

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March 10, 2019
March 16, 2019

Busia County Residents Contribute to the Building Bridges Initiative

Busia County Deputy Governor Moses Mulomi presenting his views on behalf of Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong to the Building Bridges Initiatives task force team at Hotel Breeze

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Busia County Residents on Wednesday presented their views to the Yusuf Hajji led Building Bridges Initiative Taskforce team at Hotel Breeze with calls to have their views included in the final report.

Deputy Governor Moses Mulomi who represented the views on behalf of Governor Sospeter Ojaamong said the National Government had reneged on its mandate in infrastructure development, thus rendering the inclusivity issue a nullity.
“The state of our major road (linking Kenya and the Great Lakes Region), and which is a National Government Road is pathetic. If we trade with the rest of the world with 43 per cent of International Trade is based and processed in Malaba and Busia border points, and yet the infrastructure is not undertaken. This is a failure on our side. It’s unfortunate but a fact,” he said.

The Deputy Governor said resource allocation availed to the county looks big but it contains little proportion of development component which was a challenge.
He said registration of persons living along the border receives many hurdles that affect the county’s population, thus the need to relax some of the rules especially with people living in sub counties further from town.

Busia County Assembly through Leader of Majority Laban Mukhwana in a memorandum to the committee requested that the Ward Development Fund be anchored into the constitution so that 10% of the Growth Domestic Product goes directly to wards development.

On the other hand, former East African Legislative Assembly Member Gervas Akhaabi said the problem Kenya has is not in the 2010 Constitution which one of the best “in the World” is noting that it addresses inclusivity very well. We only lack inclusion in the executive.”

The Former Minister of Labor, during former president Moi ‘s regime, Mr Philip Masinde aged 86, challenged the BBI committee to compare the three successive constitutions since independence in order to drive Kenya ahead.

Busia Senator Amos Wako, who is also the former Attorney General, said the County was the 23rd to be visited. The team will wind up the tour in Kakamega County for the Western region before they proceeding to Nyanza next week.

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