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February 25, 2019
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March 10, 2019


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By Allan Lawrence

Everything you want to achieve in life you out to have your mind shifted and focused on it fully. You must renew your mind  to be positive because our minds are made to be very spongy and magnetic whatever we think of be it positive or negative it comes to pass and more importantly with my own analysis can fully say that whatever a man fears it comes to pass the question begs what are you fearing?

The holy bible says that what  a man thinketh so he is.That is to say you are a product of your thinking. Make sure it is the best place to live in as we can all agree in unison that the greatness and success you need is all in our mind just train it to always stay positive.

In pursuit to change your thinking you will face a lot of opposition from people who don’t want change and they really behave like they are vaccinated against change. But you must press on because of your destiny you cannot afford to hang around mediocrity, be ready to sacrifice some friends and pursue what you need in life because you are not meant for everyone and everyone is not meant for you.

Don’t compromise to fit in Stand your ground and live a life that gives you fulfillment. You are the sum average of the five people you constantly hang around, thoughts are communicable it can be transferred from one person to the you seek to change your life positively you must let go some people in your life.

The voice you allow into your ears have a major impact whether negative or positive into your life. The voice will increase you, decrease you or neutralize you in the pursuit to greatness. YOU need to be intentional with your network and proximity as every relationship has a major impact on your thinking quality.

Self-discovery will get you on the right path and cause your thinking to be so great. Sense of direction is more important than speed .if you know who you are you will always remain on your path at your own pace you won’t compete with anyone but you will thinking positively to improve and compete with self to better your life. Having a mentality that you are unique will cause you to think positively and different from anybody else.

Self-discovery is what is left after education is long gone strive to know you are and set your standards that you will never compromise at any given chance. Once you do discover yourself people will label you names and say that you’re proud but mark my words keep it real in the real world where everyone is trying to copy another one without knowing that Diversity is what makes us unique.

Strive to always have the right Knowledge, they say knowledge is power, to have the right power you must obtain the right knowledge through wide reading. Train yourself hard so as your thinking is enhanced and you will keep obtaining results easily than the rest of the world.

Leading in any area of your requires Reading. The quality of your life is based on what you feed your mind with so check on what you feed your mind to be able to make sound decisions. Right information will trigger right thinking which in turn triggers the positive lifestyle to soar in life.

Your Coach brother,

Allan Lawrence

Allan Lawrence
Allan Lawrence
Allan Lawrence is a Motivational speaker cum Inspirational speaker,Author,Life Coach and Mentor. He is a young visionary founder of The Activate Experience,a mentorship program whose main focus Is to Encourage,Equip and Empower people to go for their dreams with informed knowledge.

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