Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong has predicted sharp division in the Orange Democratic Movement Party irrespective of who wins in the party primaries between him and his challenger Paul Otuoma on April 13th.
Speaking to the press in Busia on Saturday, the Governor said ODM currently enjoys 90 per cent support in the county but this could drop to 50 per cent or less, thanks to the Party headquarters which has failed in its intelligence at grassroots which is going to cost it dearly.

Ojaamong said what Orange House needs to do is study political dynamics of Busia County and rectify inherent anomalies as soon as possible to forestall mass exodus of members from the party.
” Some of us have been die hard supporters of ODM but the party headquarters offers to give direct nominations to some people who cannot utter an ODM slogan to the detriment of the party.
Jubilee party is currently negligible in the County but after the nominations it will be visible to confirm that ODM as a party is doing little to maintain its dominance over other parties,” he said.
The Governor although exuding confidence of winning the April 13th ODM primaries was pessimistic of Otuoma supporting him. ” It is also unlikely that my supporters will agree to back him.”

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He said the scenario has also changed where candidates are campaigning for themselves and not the party. “Top officials of the party at Orange House are silent and expect things to be smooth.”
He railed at the police for allegedly abating violence by leaving perpetrators of the vice go scot-free, adding that the victims could retaliate, thus making the County ungovernable.
” I have been a victim of such violence targeted at my convoy. During our Funyula rally a man who tried blocked my convoy was arrested and handed over to the police but was released,” he said.
Ojaamong said from the word go he has been preaching peace but some people are allegedly working with Jubilee to fund his opponents to unleash violence on innocent people,” he said, adding that nobody has monopoly of violence.

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