I am Not Backing Out! – ‘Governor’ Meso Speaks

The Gubernatorial race for Busia County has been getting tighter each day. This, however, has not been without drama and propaganda across the aspirants.

The latest rumor that Busia County residents woke up to in the new year was that the AFC Managing Director one Lucas Meso will not be vying for the gubernatorial seat as alluded.

After Busialeocorrespondents raising the issue and directly asking for comments for the aspirant, Mr  Meso has come out strongly stating his position on the matter.

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In his response, circulated widely on Social Media, Meso has stated that he is not backing out of the race nor is he representing the interests of any other person in his bid to unseat Governor Ojamoong’

”Busia County is a uniquely positioned hub of endless opportunities and prospects. This County nurtured us, taught us an enduring spirit of excellence, honesty and sacrifice. The opportunities we have in life are an investment of the love and prayers of our families and communities. Like all of you, I share in the deep humility of being a child of this County and have in very little portions, played my role to make it a better place.

For slightly over a year now, I have been part of and subject for a robust debate on the leadership of our county, specifically-the position of Governor. I have participated in these discussions as a resident, and in as much as I would have loved to participate more broadly, I was limited by the requirements of law that bind civil servants.

What is not in doubt is that the County anticipates a decision on my Candidature for Governor, which at an appropriate time; permissible by Law, I will take it to the People.

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This decision is the subject of this Statement. In the last three months, unfounded rumors have surfaced, and those rumors are indeed growing that I have abandoned my candidature in favor of certain persons or after being offered a Job by government.
In this new Constitutional dispensation, Senior Positions in Government are competitively sought, and are subject to Public Participation and Vetting. I have not participated in any such process whatsoever. There has equally been no discussion, between myself and any other candidate on exchange of support or otherwise.

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This to me is a matter of principle. Leadership is a Public trust, attained through the will of the people, not to be traded among the elite and the privileged. In part, the challenges we face today as a County, is a result of such trade-offs that did not involve the people as the ultimate Stakeholders.

To this end, I urge all candidates seeking the Position of Governor Busia County, their agents, their moles and all such kind, to desist from spreading such rumors as a basic tenet of decency but more importantly, because it is an outright lie against the people they seek to lead.

Should the people of Busia call me to service, I will answer that call with humility. Our County is in dire need of talent and contributions from all her sons and daughters of goodwill. I will be the last person to decline this call to duty.

Be it as it may, I strongly believe that am capable of passing any valuable information directly to the people when appropriate time comes. I trust you will find my clarifications in order and Am really humbled that my name is on the lips of our great people of Busia.

Thank you and God bless all of us.”

Lucas Meso- MBS

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