Why singer Diamond wants to break up with wife Zari

The African celebrated singer and bongo’s finest diamond Platinumz is not happy with his controversial wife Hassan Zari. The two are experiencing some ups and downs in their relationship over an issue to do with parenting.

After getting their much-celebrated daughter Tiffah nine months ago, emerging rumours have left  Diamond very upset with his wife Zari. It should be noted that Diamond married Zari when she had three children from her previous relationships. Tiffah Diamond’s first born daughter is actually Zari’s fourth child.

It is also worth noting that Zari is 8 years older than her husband Diamond. Within nine months after the birth of Tiffah, Diamond seems upset and wants to break up with Zari. The underlying reason?

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Zari is pregnant again!

Rumours that Diamond’s wife Zari was pregnant again have filled the air in the recent past. No one was sure about this until a furious Diamond publicly confirmed. Diamond said Zari is actually pregnant with yet another child and he is not happy about it.

So why does diamond want to break up with his gorgeous celebrity wife?

Because Zari apparently was ‘careless’ and failed to take maximum precautions against getting pregnant so soon. Diamond is so frustrated at the imagination that his wife is pregnant yet their first born daughter Tiffah is not even one-year-old.

Interestingly, the Ugandan celebrity and business lady Hassan Zari is four months pregnant today while their daughter is just nine. This means Zari actually got pregnant when their daughter was just five months old. Who does that?

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This is what has put the marriage of these two celebrities on the brink. You should remember that Diamond’s family was not very supportive of the marriage in the first place, citing the age of Zari and the fact that she has other kids. We are yet to see how this whole celebrity pregnancy drama turns out.


This could, in fact, be a blessing for Diamond, considering he started dating Hassan zari after breaking up with Wema Sepetu the Tanzanian model. The main cause of their break up was that Wema could not give Diamond a child.

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Diamond should, therefore, be happy and embrace annual pregnancies from Zari, since he married her for children which he couldn’t get from Wema.

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