Has the Bongo star Lady Jay Dee seen the light ?

Has the Tanzanian songbird lady Jay Dee gotten saved? This is the question most of the people are asking themselves.

Lady Jay Dee officially known as Judith Wambura has astonished many with the message she shared during her birthday. So many people have come out to wish her well during her birthday even as they try to get the deeper meaning of her message.

Lady Jay Dee posted to her fans on Instagram a message that insinuated she may have seen the light. Part of her post said, “all to Jesus I surrender” this is a common phrase used by most of the Christians. It simply translates to leaving all the baggage one has and presenting oneself to Jesus.

People are speculating a possible new career in Gospel from the popular artist.

The Yahaya songstress has been entertaining many in her platform of secular music. The question is, who will fill her vacancy if she crosses over.

Assuming she remains in the music industry, will the Christian community accept her?

Her crossover has not yet been confirmed, but if her Instagram message is anything to go with, then we should brace ourselves for a new Lady Jay Dee; a Gospel artiste.

A number of popular secular musicians in the recent past have ‘crossed over’ to the Gos[pel industry and are doing well. they include Kenya’s Size 8, Lady Bee among others.

We wish Lady Jay Dee a happy new life even as she turns 37.





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