You should read this if you are in a WhatsApp Group

The era of social media is here with us and everyone wants to have a fair share of this amazing technology.  If you are reading this then you are probably a member of two or more WhatsApp Groups.

WhatsApp has been largely preferred over Facebook due to its perceived secrecy and instant replies.

But did you know that not all members know how to use a WhatsApp group effectively? There have been complaints of some members misusing these groups, which usually results in some of us ”lefting”.

However, we can all make these groups friendly and enjoy socialization without causing others to ‘left’. Here are some simple guidelines:

    1. Once you are added to the WhatsApp groups, get to know the objectives. If you agree with them stick around. If you can’t conform please just’left’.
    2. Resist the urge to post ideas, news, images or even ‘forwadings’ that are not in line with the objective. this is what makes members to ‘left’.
    3. Please do not post messages that can be seen to be for individual consumption. Always send individual messages privately.


  1. Whether you agree or disagree with discussions in the group. be polite with your words and do not attack personalities; learn to discuss issues.
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Social Media such as WhatsApp groups can be a great avenue for informative, interactive and significant discussions. In order to achieve this and have every member satisfied, you need to understand how to use WhatsApp groups.

All the best in your groups interactions today. Let your group members be informed by sharing this information with them.

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