7 Facts you never knew about Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali ”The Greatest” passed on at Phoenix Area Hospital due to respiratory complications. He was aged 74 when he breathed last.

However, even with his wise words and a charismatic personality well recognized, Muhammad Ali had some about him that you may not have known before. Here are seven of these amazing facts:

  1. Muhammad Ali got married to four women from whom he got nine children; seven daughters and two sons.
  2. He featured as a lead title in a musical called ‘Buck White’ during his days in exile.
  3. He vowed never to deny his fans an autograph moment. This came after his boxing idol Sugar Ray Robinson denied him an autograph. He actually maintained a P.O. Box for anyone who needed an autograph.
  4. Muhammad Lai was of the Irish Origin. His great-grandfather named Abe Grady was a migrant to the US from Irish.
  5. He threw his Olympic gold medal over a bridge to protest over


    treatment he received in Rome in 1960. He was just 18.
  6. His gloves were worth $836 000
  7. He developed and suffered Parkinson’s disease as a result of the many injuries he received in his boxing career.


May his soul rest in peace even as his greatness lives on.


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