Why Ababu Namwamba is the man to watch

By Magero Deogratius

The Budalangi member of parliament and CORD’s Secretary-General has in recent times been considered one of the most fierce politicians in today’s opposition. He always came out strong on matters to do with the opposition. He is also known to always defend the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s party ODM from any unwarranted political attacks at national as well as local scene in his Busia County.

However, Ababu Namwamba’s absence from the heated IEBC protests by CORD has left many wondering of his position in the party. Some of the party’s advisers have come out to question his loyalty to the party. In an interesting twist of events, his absence seems to create

In an interesting turn of events, his absence from the IEBC protests ha appeared to create a political mileage as well as present him as a man to watch even in the social circles. After many questions of his whereabouts, the Budalangi member of parliament has come out with straight explanations for his perceived hibernation.

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Great Father, Husband and Family man

Ababu with his newly born baby

In parliament last week, Ababu proudly told parliament that he has been on a ‘paternity leave’ helping his wife after the delivery of their third born baby. Ababu and his wife received their new baby on 1st April 2016. This explanation has been received with much respect and admiration from both social nd political circles.

You only need to see reactions on social media to understand why every Kenyan woman wishes to have such a man. Politically, Ababu has proven that he can balance family and politics well.

Even his wife Prisca on her facebook account attested to this. We should not forget that family life plays a great role for any individual seeking a political seat in Kenya today.

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Watermelon? No Thank you!

Away from parliament, Ababu has been cautious with comments on the IEBC issue even as his party is actively involved. He agreed on the need to have the commission reconstituted but was keen on not supporting a violent approach. He has equally stated that he cannot be coaxed into participating in just any activity in the name of a party. ” I only take part in what I believe in and I do what I say” he said.

In this times of watermelon, such a statement makes Ababu stand out as a firm politician who can be trusted. This plays a significant role in giving him a political mileage regardless of his political affiliation.

Charity Begins at Home

Namwamba in Matayos Sub-county Busia County
Namwamba in Matayos Sub-county Busia County

In as much as he has been absent from the national politics, Ababu has been active in local scenes in his Busia County backyard. He has on several occasions ‘attacked’ the Busia county governor Sospeter Ojaamong for what he termed as poor leadership. On one occasion during a funeral service in Teso North Sub- county, he made the governor so uncomfortable that the latter had to leave unceremoniously.

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His direct involvement in Busia county politics has left many wondering if he is interested in the gubernatorial seat. It has also seen him win hearts of a section of electorates in the County who feel he could maker the best county manager. Interestingly,

Interestingly, Ababu has left Busia residents in suspense by not saying whether he will vie for any seat in the county government.

Jubilee Mole? No

Even with increased suspicion and claims of disloyalty, Ababu was keen to trash rumours that he is a Jubilee mole. He said he cannot be ‘used’ by any political party without his consent. He, however, stated that meeting Jubilee for matters of development is not wrong and should be embraced.


Looking at the effect his absence on the national political scene has had on his political image, and his consequential reasons for this; Ababu Namwamba could be the man to watch. With admiration coming from both the political scene nationally and locally, as well as from social circles as a wise politician, father, and family man; Ababu could just be destined for greatness. What’s your thought ?

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