Did Judge Ian Impregnate Juliana Kanyamozi?

Leading Ugandan entertainment site, Big Eye, reported that former Tusker Project Fame judge Ian Mbugua was the allege baby daddy of Juliana Kanyomozi’s unborn child.

“Former Tusker Project Fame judge allegedly responsible for Juliana Kanyomozi’s pregnancy” Big Eye titled their headline.

To start with, Juliana hasn’t publicly confirmed she’s pregnant leave alone being knocked up by Ian Mbugua.

The Ugandan singer lost her only child, Keron Raphael, who passed on at Aga Khan Hospital Nairobi in 2014.

Ugandan blogs have reported that Juliana is pregnant with another child, and Big Eye even hinted who’s responsible for Juliana’s pregnancy.

Big Eye says Ian and Juliana have been dating secretly and that the songbird was even planning to travel to Nairobi where she will deliver her child.

When contacted to clarify the claim, Ian was totally amused though he didn’t deny or confirm he was a dad to be.

“Yes I am (referring to whether he heard about Big Eye’s claim). Had a good laugh. I really really really hope you’re not going to ask me to comment.” Ian responded.

From the gesture, Ian obviously denied impregnating Juliana Kanyomozi.

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