How To Write The Best Career Objective

An acceptable career objective should match your professional background, tell what you have currently and what you are looking for in purpose of career advancement. All in a sentence or two, not more.

You must also write in specifics, are you looking to work in a bank or NGO or an Insurance Company? Let the employer identify with you directly as a focused job seeker.

Remember the career objective is part of the profile summary and comes after your personal details, so you must impress the employer to read on.
How should a career objective read?

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If you are applying for a job at entry level, your career objective should have the following approach;

“Seeking a position in a leading bank where I can utilize my Accounting/Finance Degree to better my skills and further improve the company’s operations”.

For those with experience and seeking to advance in better positions, it can take the following approach;

“To join an NGO that offers me a stable and positive work environment that inspires me to contribute to the betterment of my career and the company.”

Remember the career objective is your major selling point to the employer so focus on making it as impressive as possible.

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