I quit my profession to rescue mankind – Busia Prophet

A prophet from Busia County  narrated on Sunday how he quit  his profession  to heed God’s call of rescuing the mankind through spiritual nourishment.
Prophet  Sir Abraham Panyako of the  Ministry of the Kingdom  of God  Kingdom Outreach  Church Akolong’ in Teso North  said he was pursuing a Diploma in Education at Kaimosi Teachers Training College in  2012 when  he called it quits.
  At around 4am on the material day the  spirit led me to Kaimosi  forest where   I encountered the real glory of Jehovah.  I saw someone like “son of man”  dressed in white garment  and  his glorious voice shouted: Abraham, Abraham  I am sending you, Go.
 I saw him and fell on his feet. He then placed his left hand on  me and said, my son  do not be afraid. I am the Alpha and Omega. Having seen  this holy visitation I abandoned college and  to embark on God’s mission,” he recalled.
Prophet Abraham  said  he  is seeing a turbulent period for Kenya  with  chaotic elections  in 2017 if  President Uhuru Kenyatta and  Cord co-principal Raila Odinga  will not sit together  and  embrace peace as the cardinal rule and to seek  God’s repentance.
  Kenyan leaders should give dialogue a chance. I don’t see peace prevailing  in next year’s elections  if the current scenario where leaders are sending bad signals is anything to go by,” he said.
God  knows  the next Kenyan leader. I urge them to unite. I see God has intervened in Busia County  with many changes  in the offing in terms of streamlining  the  administration  but the only  problem is in the church where  Bishops   engage in  planting of seed at the expense of preaching the word of God,” he said.
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