Chris Okemo is back in the race for Nambale MP

Well seems in Kenya staying out of power means vulnerability to law, or rather power makes you immune to the law. Anybody in power finds their way of casting out the demons of the corridors of justice. You can ask the ‘Kofi Anan’ as the former president Moi used to call him while he was the then Minister of Finance. After staying out of office for merely three years and few months it seems he can no longer stand the judicial pressure from the New Jersey ‘demons’.  This could be the reason for his massive parliamentary aspiration come-back come 2017.

BUSIALeo has exclusively established that former long serving former Nambale MP Chris Okemo has began the journey to recapture the parliamentary seat. Our sources reveal that he was set to meet top campaigners on Saturday 30th April in Nambale but however postponed due to an unknown emergency. The matters to be discussed include campaign strategies, dealing with ‘moles’ and the campaign launch topping the list. It is alleged that he is set to launch a historic campaign as soon as all ‘things are in place’.

At the time of this publication, his party of candidature was still unclear though rumor has it that he will also meet a former parliamentary aspirant Mr Mulanya on the same to avoid ‘dividing’ of votes.

Mr Okemo was the Member of the national assembly for close to fifteen years representing Nambale constituency, he however opted for a higher position in 2013 where he lost to former Attorney General Hon Amos Sitsiula Wako in the competitive Busia County Senatorial bid.

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