43 Million for Busia County Cotton Ginnery Missing

Busia County Government has been urged to revamp Mulwanda Cotton Ginnery in Funyula Sub- County. Talking to press over the weekend , leaders from the region tasked the county government to act with immediacy to open the ginnery as a way to develop the economy of the region.

According to Bukhayo cultural patron, Humphrey Nakitare and the area MCA ,Vincent Obisa despite the fact that the County Government allocating 43Million Ksh towards the project nothing has been done. They wanted the County Government to explain where the money vanished to.

The leaders noted that there are no way taxpayers money should be diverted to individual pockets. “We demand to know where the 43Million Ksh  set aside for the project did. Our people are suffering here yet their lives could be better if the money set aside for the project was used as intended.” Nakitare said.

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He also noted that cotton from farmers is rotting in stores yet they may be utilized to help them earn a leaving.

In response Deputy Governor Kizito Wangalwa noted that the executive is investigating the case through Ethics and Anticorruption Commission once the case is solved they will release the report to the public. He further noted that in the next financial year the county government will allocate 10Million Ksh to be able to finish the project.

 “Let us not talk about Mulwanda case for now since the issue is with Anti-corruption body and once it is through with the investigation we will table the report to the public. But what I want to assure you is that we will do what we can to revamp the ginnery. Even if it means borrowing from other departments we will do that.” he added.

Textile industry has been facing challenges for the past decades where most of the plants have closed down due to mismanagement and diseases and pests .Cotton used locally is imported from countries like Tanzania.

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