Governor on spot as Uganda Brigade helps extinguish Fire in Busia County

“Governor Ojaamong surely, how can fire brigade come all the way from Busia Uganda to put off fire here in Nambale and yet we have a county government? What is your importance being in that office if you cannot help your people? Then you will come here next year urging us to vote for you again? Don’t even bother to come because we shall not re-elect you.”

Uganda Fire Brigade

Residents of Nambale town have vowed not to re-elect Busia County governor Sospeter Ojaamong for what they have termed as failing in his duties.

The irate residents have wondered why the governor, after being in office for the last three years he has refused to buy a modern fire engine that could safe people’s property during fire outbreak.

They were speaking Friday morning in Nambale town after fire guttered down four shops causing loss totaling to millions of shillings.

The fire which is said to have been caused by electrical fault at around five in the morning was put off one hour later by Busia Uganda fire brigades,

Nambale police sought help from Uganda after they were told by Busia County officials that the small fire engine at the county was not available.

Among the shops that were burnt down is a hardware, a metal shop and two boutiques and nothing was salvaged from them.
Nobody was injured in the incident.

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