Disagreements over a Road to be Tarmacked in Teso North

A showdown looms in Teso North over the planned tarmacking of the Amoni-Angurai- Moding-Kewalun road by the National Government with President Uhuru Kenyatta scheduled to commission it “soon”.

Deputy Speaker and Angurai South Ward representative Moses Ote has faulted area MP Arthur Odera saying the correct route is Amoni-Angurai-Malakisi-Kolanya Lwakhakha and not through Moding.

Speaking recently during the homecoming of Arthur Osiya, the Secretary National Administration in the Office of the President, Odera the contractor is already on site to survey the road and have materials in place before the President comes to commission it.

However Ote said traditionally Malakisi-Angurai-Malaba road was a government road before the Great North Road was moved to Amagoro and wondered why the MP wanted to re-route the road.
”In the County Integrated Development Plan 2013-2017 Malaba-Malakisi- Chamasiri-Lwakhakha road has been captured. The community is now aware of any changes to have the road pass through Moding,” he said.

Ote said Angurai-Malakisi-Chamasiri road contains most institutions which should not be wished away. ” We have Katakwa
Polytechnic, BAT Malakisi, Kolanya Girls Secondary which is a national school and Chamasiri Technical Institute.”

The Deputy Speaker said influencing the road to suit the interest of a few individuals will not be tolerated, adding that the National Government will be fair to have both sections tarmacked to avoid a backlash.

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